Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's projects

I couldn't believe it, the bandana skirt is now doll clothes... The Princess has a large Dora doll & it fits her perfectly. Of course my Princess is a petite thing & it still fits her waist, it just isn't even close to appropriate length!

I made my first 3D paper snow flake, just as a trial and error. Didn't need to it's so simple & looks so beautiful. here and here are some good tutorials. I have some 2 sided wrapping paper that I am going to make some out of next!

I am also going to attempt a mushroom ornament collection. I have the fabric cut for 3, but we'll see how the first one goes! My sister will love these if they turn out!

I also have a dress I'd like to recycle for the Princess for Christmas. It's a size 10/12 & she is a 5! But the fabric is perfect & it shouldn't be too hard to fashion a smaller outfit out of it.

We also will be Christmas cookie baking, so we'll see just how much I can actually get done today!!!

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