Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Book Buzz

I was reading over at Maysmom.com & found this debate Will you find genetalia in quality literature

I haven't read or ordered this book The Higher Power of Lucky, I don't have a 9-12 year old boy. I will in a couple of years & maybe by then I will.

I really think that the buzz is only going to make the book more popluar. My opinion is that if my school library doesn't have a problem with my 2nd grader reading Captain Underpants books (they are gross, over his head, but sometimes funny), at least he doesn't feel comfortable to read them by himself. So as long as I can skip over the nasty/gross/do we really need to give the boy that idea parts all is good!!!

Personally I don't feel offended at the mention of scrotum in a book geared towards 9-12 year olds...they have or will have sex ed in school at that age & should have had some from home as well. I have to wonder what the real issue is...it can't really be because the word scrotum was used twice can it??? That seems so lame.

(Especially since I know that a youth group leader friend was lamenting about having to keep an eye on the 9 year old girls because they were being pursued by & flirting with the 12 year old boys at their after school program).

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