Friday, October 19, 2007

Musical Instruments in my near future.

I was a musical person, I still am. My husband & his whole family are musical people (2 out of 5 nieces & nephews are music teachers, 4 out of 5 could be). Given my kids obsession with music I am certain that musical instruments will always be a popular gift for them. We already have a piano, thank you freecycle! I just need to have it tuned when they start taking lessons. The kids have a guitar, but it was a gift because it is broken.

I am thinking that a guitar or a junior drum set might make good Christmas gifts this year. I may regret it come February when cabin fever sets in, but I think they'd both benefit from it.

When I do finally sit down to order their gifts I think I'll start at The selection of musical instruments they have for comparison shopping is impressive. Looks like everything from the instruments to the smallest part, definitely a good to know, especially once they start playing in band! I only have 2 years before that starts!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lame Halloween...

I'm not sure how I managed to escape an elaborate costume project, but this is a no sew Halloween for me.

The Princess is going as Snow White, found at a yard sale & the Prince is going as a race car driver, suit & helmet borrowed from family & friends! I decided I don't feel like dressing up this year & if I need a last minute outfit I have a tote full of previous costumes, lovingly made by me!

Sorry to those that don't "do" Halloween, it's my sister's favorite holiday & we are usually really into it! I will be posting our pumpkin before & afters in a few days, we have 7 huge ones so it's gonna take a few days to carve them all!

Halloween Cliparts

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cool freebie...

Download Today - Make Today!

Go to You Can Make This & check out the free section.  There is an awesome PDF file on how to use a ruffler!  That tool is #1 on my Christmas list this year, now I know how to use one!!!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

To ink or not to ink, that is my question...

So my younger sister has multiple tattoos. She isn't head to toe, or anything but as far as I know she is up to 5 individual tats. Each is significant to her. I know she is itching to get more & keeps bugging me to go with her for one.

My issue isn't the pain involved, hey at this point I feel more like Dalton from Roadhouse "Pain don't hurt"... It's more the question of what do I want on me FOREVER? It'll be there when I'm 80 & hangin' with my grandkids. I'm not sure how I'd feel if I found out Grandma has ink... strange.

I really want to do something that encompasses me & my kiddos, the constants in my life! I thought a snowflake would be perfect, some how work the kids names into it & honor our winter births. Of course my sister thinks it's "lame". My concern is it being interpreted as I am a cold flake...

She drew a fabulous tree that has the Princess's name in the branches, my only problem with that is it's only 1 kid, I'd have to get 2, plus the normal person is only going to see the tree & wonder why I have a tree on my back. Not that I am putting it where anyone will be able to see it, just when I bend over or forget that the shirt I'm wearing rides up when I reach for the top shelf.

SO who has ink? Anyone answered this quandry for themselves? Any pros or cons? Quick before she drags me kicking & screamin' "wait I don't have a plan yet...."