Friday, October 19, 2007

Musical Instruments in my near future.

I was a musical person, I still am. My husband & his whole family are musical people (2 out of 5 nieces & nephews are music teachers, 4 out of 5 could be). Given my kids obsession with music I am certain that musical instruments will always be a popular gift for them. We already have a piano, thank you freecycle! I just need to have it tuned when they start taking lessons. The kids have a guitar, but it was a gift because it is broken.

I am thinking that a guitar or a junior drum set might make good Christmas gifts this year. I may regret it come February when cabin fever sets in, but I think they'd both benefit from it.

When I do finally sit down to order their gifts I think I'll start at The selection of musical instruments they have for comparison shopping is impressive. Looks like everything from the instruments to the smallest part, definitely a good to know, especially once they start playing in band! I only have 2 years before that starts!!!

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