Monday, April 2, 2007

Gaucho Pants

I had a pair of jeans in a 4t from the Prince. They had stains & weren't very cute (at least not for a little girl). So going through my huge stash I found an adorable green print & began the project I posted before pics of the jeans here

I cut a slit in each leg & cut out the seam (it was just below the pocket, but I think the next time I'll make it higher on the leg) Then I cut a wedge of fabric (mine measured 10"x 10" & the point was 90 degrees, this left a little more fabric than I wanted, so for the next one I'll cut the angle back maybe to 60 degrees). I cut 2 strips for the ruffle, hemmed 1/2", I pressed the hem then top stitched it in place. I used a XXXX pattern on one leg and a __]__]__] pattern on the other. Then I sewed the ends to complete the circle.

I do ruffles the hard way, I haven't tried couching dental floss & gathering that way & I haven't bought the ruffler foot for my machine yet. I simply lined up a seam on the inside leg with the seam on the ruffle & pinned. Then I Pinned the opposite side & worked my way down to having pins every inch, then I sewed & removed pins before I got to them. After pressing I top stitched the ruffle into place & added some decorative stitching up the legs of the jeans.

I can't wait to try it again & see if it turns out just as cute. Next time I do pants though I am going to take the legs off completely & attach a patchwork leg on each... sounds cool!

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