Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

I really enjoyed the March & April fab shop hops! In March I won a $10 gift certificate to Heart of Dixie Quilt Shop. I used it to buy some of the "I Love you Zoo" fabric I'm going to use in the baby quilt I have to sew (soon, I don't know when they'll have the shower).

The next Hop starts June 1, if you like to browse fabric stores online this will be a blast (or very expensive!).

I also picked up a bunch of fabric at Wal-Mart this month. There is a nice brown with copper details that I bought enough of to make 4 dresses, and a green with black knit. Now I just have to find the right patterns, that's always the hard part for me. Cutting and committing to a pattern, even when I only paid $1.50 a yard, is not so easy a task for me! I don't have this problem with quilts or with clothes for the kids, just me. I have lots of stash fabric that I just haven't found "the right pattern" for. Anyone else have this issue? Or am I just whacky???

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My must haves for 2009!

Sewing Room Wants for 2009...

Singer® 151 Adjustable Dressform - Medium

A good selection of Home Decor Fabrics
I have 19 windows to sew treatments for, 4 chairs to re-upholster and new pillows for the couches.

A bunch of cutlery caddies and the rail to hang them on.

I would rather have a collection of Longaberger wall pockets, if money were no object of course!

Desk Chair

To replace the one I stole from hubby's desk.

Buy one of these...Olfa Rotary Cutter 60 mm

I have 2 45mm (one pinking, one regular) rotary cutters and it just isn't large enough some times! I'd also like to pick up a
Clover New Slash Rotary Cutter-28mm

I made a "slash" trivet/hot pad when I worked at the sewing store, it was a fun project