Saturday, January 27, 2007

Home tool must haves from Eric Stromer...

Eric Stromer's Home tool must haves
A power drill & a tool bucket! Well if it were that simple, then why does my dh need half the 2 car garage for a work shop??? hmmmmm.

I love Clean Sweep, and he is one of the major reasons! I often feel that they should revisit the homes to see how they are doing. (I am also not convinced that they don't tell people to throw all their junk into the 2 rooms that they are doing, cuz I know that I would be hauling stuff out by the box load if that was really my room, no way I'd want that seen on TV!!!)

I think his personal website needs a clean sweep, no new news since 2006, dude, you too busy with all your tv apperances!!!???

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