Monday, January 8, 2007

Organization Update

I spent some time folding fabrics & putting them in totes. All of my UFOs are in plastic baskets or small shoe boxes. I still have 2 totes to empty then put my fabric in (right now they have old clothes for recycling).

I did get sidetracked by making the headbands, but it is so hard to be surrounded by my stuff & not play a little!!! Thankfully the headbands didn't take long at all, before I had finished projects!

My cutting table is cleared off (only the mat & a pressing pad are on there now). The sewing machine table is getting clearer, I still have some magazines to put away & the thread box needs to find a more permanent home, but the random shoe boxes have found better homes... The ironing board is buried under the fabric yet to be put away, and the longer counter is only half done.

SO it is still a work in progress, I'll snap pics once I am not absolutely petrified to go in there!!!

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