Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year - My 2007 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone had a fun safe New Years Eve!

So I've had a couple of weeks to work on this list, still think it's a work in progress, but here is what I've got so far.

1. Teach my children respect for money.How to save, budget, spend wisely, plan for the future, what really is rich, etc…. You know all that stuff I haven't figured out!!!

2. Save money, we need to have an emergency fund in place.

3. ORGANIZE!!! I have decluttered lots of stuff, now it's time to get what I have into a home!

4. Continue to exercise & do healthy things. Drink lots of water, keep walking, eat as many healthy meals a week as possible.

5. Work creative time & organized computer time into my daily routine.

6. Get the Princess Potty Trained & sleeping in her own bed

7. Create Emergency Kits for the family & update the first aid kit.

8. Continue with my daily routine & habit building ( I will be fully flying this year!

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aliangchen said...
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brodaigh said...

Hey, I would really like to know how you go getting your princess in her own bed:)

Lisa Knight said...

I wish I knew the secret formula! She is still climbing into bed with me, at least I can usually make it there first. She seems to be sleeping longer on her own. She still won't let us go to sleep in her bed. She still has to sit on the couch to fall asleep... I know for the prince dh & I had to take turns laying in his bed with him, until he fell asleep & then he would still end up in bed with us by morning... He did that until we had the Princess, then he found there wasn't any room for him.

I am hoping that when the current tenants move out & take their dog, it will be quieter in her room & maybe with the potty training... I'll post our progress in all goal areas before the end of the month!!!