Friday, December 29, 2006

UFOs in the new year

UFO ~ in my world at least ~ stands for Un Finished Objects.

Sew, in the new year (2007) that is I am vowing to complete my current stack of UFOs.

1. T-shirt quilt (needs backing, since it it going on pillowcase style it shouldn't take too long, the hard part is pinning & cutting the fabric to size)

2. Back a scratchy blanket - have all items needed, also going to be done pillowcase style, again just complicated by it's size.

3. Seasonal towels - need more towels, fabric for Summer, Halloween, Fall, Patriotic & back to school, I should have enough buttons, but I'll have to do a final count before I finish them. I am making at least 5 sets.

4. Irish chain quilt, needs last row finished, bat, backed & bound I have all materials to finish.

5. Snowman wall hanging (finish applique, bat, back & bind)

6. uneven hem skirt (needs wait band set in & hem)

7. Waist band in dh's flannel pants

I'm sure there are more floating around down there!!! I'll post what I do, I promise!!!

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