Friday, December 15, 2006

Easy Christmas Stocking Completed!!!

Woohoo. Another project moved to the completed side of the board! The Prince needed a new Christmas Stocking, didn't think a 7 year old should still have a Bear in the Big Blue House one. Sew.... I used two of dh's old jean shorts & a pair of flannel pj bottoms, cut 6 1/2" squares out.

I pieced them together in Chain Fashion, one row at a time. I made 5 rows of 7 squares, used my 1/4" hem foot. When I sewed the rows together I pinned at the block seams to line up the pattern & pressed in between sewing & pinning each row.

Then I folded the fabric in half & (thankfully I had a pattern) I traced a stocking we had using chalk. I cut out the outline, pinned right sides together (again lining up the squares as best I could) & sewed another 1/4" seam around the stocking. I reinforced the bottom by stitching it twice from heel to top of foot. I pressed it, turned it right side out, turned the upper boot under almost 2" (this is where you could add another piece of fabric (fur, contrast...). I choose to just turn it under so the unfinished inside wouldn't show. I made a loop out of some tulle I had, didn't have a good matching ribbon. I pinned the loop at the "back" then topstitched the hem & loop into place about 1/2" from the upper edge.

Sew all in all I think that with cutting the squares, sewing them into fabric & cutting & sewing the stocking took about 2 hours total.

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