Monday, December 18, 2006

Sweater Mittens, sweater pillows

Ok so searching for a quick homemade gift the kiddos can make led me to

I am thinking I'll give this a whirl. Only I don't have any wool sweaters & I didn't like the stitching outside. Sew basically I'm not doing the pattern at all! I figure I'll trace my hand, add a bit, line up the pattern at the bottom of the hem or a cuff maybe, cut it out. Then with right sides together I'll sew it on my machine (or maybe the serger...). I'll have to let ya know how it works out.

Sweater Pillows

I have made a few or these. I gave some to my sister as Christmas gifts one year. I still have one or two to sew up for her, she gave me the sweaters this time.

Decide on the size of the pillow, add at least 1" for seams (1/2" each side so 12" pillow + 1" = 13" square), cut out 2 squares to size. I love my square ruler & rotary cutter for this! Then right sides together sew around the square, leaving a big enough hole to turn right side out & stuff (bigger if using a form, smaller if stuffing by hand) Then after it's satisfactorily stuffed hand sew (or machine top stitch) the hole closed. Voila! One very cuddley pillow!!!

btw visit to see what I'm listening to as I sew!!!

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