Monday, December 4, 2006

Day 4...The versitiale Rice Pillow

I have made these in every imaginable size & shape. They can be hot or cold. They can be square, round, rectangular or the odd sock.

I have 4 of these in the house that I made just for us last year. Two are made out of cheap dollar store Men's tube socks. These are great for neck aches, cramps, headaches, etc. I also made 2 we called boo boo bags for my kids, they are about 4" square (I cut 5" squares & used 1/2" seams). They are the perfect size for toothaches, small boo boos & when not medically necessary they are great bean bags!

I use plain old white rice. I found some lavendar & put a few tablespoons in with the rice. It gives a wonderful aroma.

I made them as gifts. Why not. Ds's teacher last year loved hers.

I will be sewing up a couple more this year. The square pillow kind. You can use any cotton fabric, just cut it to the size you want. Sew wrong sides together, leaving a hole for turning & filling. Turn it right side out, use a funnel to fill with rice, I prefer halfway to 2/3 full. This will leave some room for mushing & bending. Then you can hand sew the hole closed or if you are like me & don't care machine stitch it closed (most people wouldn't even notice the difference, unless they sew!).

Microwave times will vary by size, but I have found that 2 minutes is a good place to start. Probably too long for my 4" squares, & not long enough for the tube socks, so experiment.

Enjoy the season!

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