Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Sew...Kids craft day;jsessionid=Z2VFHZ5FWCDPJWCKUU2SJBWYJKSS0JO0?type=content&id=channel181245&navLevel=2&site=kids

We are going to make snowflakes today. Found the craft at above link, but the ides came from I think it will be fun for the kids & last nights weather said they are predicting we won't have a white Christmas (oh darn!). Sorry, but when you live on Lake Erie, the green Christmas is a luxury!

I am also trying to come up with a quick & easy sewing creation to make for my Dad. I have yards of camoflauge fabric, but it's a twill, so boxers are out. hmmm, this may take a while & some serious surfing!!! He is a hunter, gun dealer, school bus driver & has EVERYTHING!!! I drew his name & all he wanted was underwear & socks...

I am also planning on making a batch of Italian Chocolate Cookies & Butter Spritz. The Prince loves to use the cookie press, so I imagine I'll be making green trees & pink wreaths!

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