Saturday, December 2, 2006

Day 2...

I was shopping last night & picked up 2 different kinds of bandanas to make 2 of these for my little Princess. I found one really great holiday print & one regular print. I'll post pictures when they are complete!

I also picked up some fleece batting so I can finish the table runner I am making for my MIL. So hopefully I'll get to spend a little time in the sewing room today! I have been busy setting up our office, dh & I share the space & we both work from home (he does 3rd shift customer service & I just started a candle party business). Sew we have tons of stuff to sort through. Especially since up till 2 months ago this room was also my sewing/craft room... Well, anyways I've spent the last 2 days tossing junk mail & setting up files for my business & not sewing a thing! The plan for the day is to spend a little bit in the office, do some laundry & then get to sewing this afternoon!


Make Your Own Bandana Dress/Skirt

This dress or skirt fits any toddler. It sounds easy enough that you could make several for that special little girl.

First, take two bandanas (I bought some from Michael’s) and place them one on top of the other and line them up as best you can.

Then you will fold them on the diagonal, and then fold on the diagonal again. You should have a small triangle.

After that calculate the waist size. I take half of Clara’s waist, then divide that by two. Once I have that number, I follow down the top point of the bandanas (the folded point) until I reach that number on the measurement across. Once there, I cut across the pointed portions in a semi circle.

(Of course this time, I cut too straight and made it somewhat square. If you also do this, just trim it out once it is opened for the waist of the dress, or the elastic of the waistband).

Open the bandanas and you will have a circle in the center.

Turn one of the bandanas caddiecorner to the other and you will have 8 points for the skirt.

At this point, you can attach it to a shirt and finish the seam, or hem the waist and make a casing for elastic (follow other directions for twirl skirt). Since I use store bought bandanas, I do not do any other hemming.

When attaching to the tank, I do stretch the shirt out to match the hole in the bandana to get a nice ruffle effect.

This information was generously supplied by Janet, a member of our site.

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