Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sewing Notions Carrier

Ok, so I made one of these using a pattern from the fabric store I used to work in. The pattern was for a very elaborate satchel with zippers & lots of bells & whistles. But, since I was the lesser talent in the shop I came up with this carrier.

1 place mat
10 sandwich size zip lock bags
1 length of ribbon (I used 1" wide), cut to width of place mat + 1" for turning under edges
scrap of elastic
scraps of fleece batting or heavy cut away stabilizer
button (or Velcro or snap)

Lay the place mat right side down. Place the zip lock bags in center, 5 facing left, 5 facing right, overlapping in the center the width of your ribbon. Press edges of ribbon under, then lay it over the center of the zip lock bags. Pin in place. Sew around the ribbon edges (I turn corners with ribbon down in fabric). Flip zip lock bags to right side.

The batting is going to create a booklet to hold needles. Cut batting into rectangles (I used heavy cut away stabilizer for mine) then stack them, trim to match edges. Pin into place in center of left place mat (still on wrong side). Sew down the center of the rectangles.

Flip the zip lock bags to the left side. The elastic is to make loops for scissors, cutters, or other larger objects. Pin elastic in center of right side of place mat. I have long scissors so I pinned it perpendicular to the zip lock bags. Tuck under edges & sew, creating as many loops as you need, making sure you sew both edges & that loops fit your equipment.

Then if you are lucky enough to have a machine that does automatic button holes, sew a hole to fit your button, attach button. The End!

If you aren't lucky enough to have a machine that does automatic button holes I suggest you add it to your 2007 Christmas wish list & use Velcro! That was what I did until I got my new machine (LOVE VELCRO!!!) I Velcro-ed everything!!!

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