Wednesday, December 20, 2006

my conflicted self!

I posted my rant this morning over at My frugal self & my creative self have collided again!!!

I will admit that the creative self usually wins, so on with the projects!!!

I finished the remote control armchair caddy. I will have a pic after Christmas, I wrapped it before I thought to snap a shot.

So today I will be finishing the reversible jacket for the Princess, sewing the other blocks for the grape table runner (, and hopefully cutting the pieces to make Mom's kitchen aid cozy. I found a pattern online (I am going to make a mock up first just to try it on, make sure it fits before I sew up with the last of the expensive fabric.)

It's crunch time now, I have almost completed all of my shopping, so now I am working on the food. Since it's my birthday (Sunday, but we aren't talking about it.) I make the cake for our Christmas Eve family gathering. So, this year I am making a pineapple upside down cake & an angel lush cake (**2*2&wf=9&recipe_id=51103)

I am also bringing some frozen drinks I got at Target & mixed up so they could freeze. I checked on them today & they weren't ready yet, so I'm glad I prepped them in advance. Of course I knew that a full 1.5L of vodka would end up in cranberry juice if just left alone.

I still need to get my behind in the kitchen to make some more cookies (PB Blossoms & butter spritz cookies, probably won't get much more than that done.)

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