Thursday, December 28, 2006

Organizing the Sewing room

Sew, I spent some time down in the sewing room last night. Boy do I need some organizing & decluttering! Since I am a flygirl ( I know you can't organize clutter, sew, I need to sort out as I straighten!

I have a couple of storage totes I am using for fabric right now, but they aren't clear. I need to acquire some clear totes.

My thread is mostly organized, at least the spools. I have a clear box that has 2 sides (looks like it would hold hot wheels or maybe tackle). The cones are another issue. I am considering a rack (wood dowel like thing) Sewing @! search thread racks.

My Buttons are in a small tackle box, I think I bought at a yard sale...I can't remember I've had it a while.

My elastic & zippers are in plastic shoe boxes.

My current projects are in stackable plastic baskets (I got then at our D&K, but they are gone now, maybe the dollar store will have them...) I only have 3 & I'd like to have more. I go through periods where I just want to do my cutting all at once, but then I have no where to stick things separately.

I have oodles of fat quarters, fabric yardage, usable scraps that need homes. I have one flat underbed clear storage container, but only 1. I do have a couple of larger projects in the new XXL Ziploc bags.

I love storing my patterns in a file cabinet. I have file folders labeled with the pattern number, maker (KW2222 for a kwik sew, S9999 for a simplicity, etc), what it is (robe, pjs, dress) & size (2t-4t, 4-8, 16-20 etc). My problem now is that the file cabinet in my sewing room is legal sized, so I need new racks & file folders (my old file cab is staying in the office).

I made myself a portable sewing notion carrier. I'll post the pattern (or directions) later. Sew, all my markers, seam rippers, chalk, hand needles, etc are in there.

My new sewing room has a peg board wall (only part of a wall now, we will add more later) I have my rulers, scissors, rotary cutters, hot glue guns all on there.

I still need solutions for the craft "stuff" I have so many odds & ends that they are just dumped in a file drawer right now, not sure how I'll get that cleaned up!

Sew I have a great start, I just need to get the big stuff taken care of (guess I started too small!!!).

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Mom2fur said...

I never thought about using those huge zipper bags to hold projects. What a great idea!

Lisa Knight said...

Thanks for reading!!!