Friday, March 9, 2007

American Sewing Expo Newsletter

E-Swatches is a newsletter I get from the American Sewing Expo. The website has links to their current & archived newsletters as well as information on the upcoming September 2007 Expo.

I have not attended, however the owner of the sewing center & my former co-worker attended the 2006 show. It sounded like great fun. I know that my creative side has not matured to the level of these artists, but I love looking, I get inspiration!

I love reading about their "young designers" ages 8 - 18. I'd love to have my daughter attend this with me when she is old enough. I wish that I had been encouraged to sew more at a younger age. I was so close to creating a formal dress (it was my 3rd or 4th sewing project), I even had to use boning. It all went well until I had to put in a zipper, then it all went downhill. I'm not sure if it was my lack of experience or my Mom's machine, but we'll blame the machine :D. I never did wear the dress out of the house. I did learn to use matching thread on that project. I started out with basic white & quickly realized that it needed to match or you'd see the stitching. Lesson learned & now I can put in a zipper! (BTW, the newsletter talks about the new Easy Zippers DVD from Islander Sewing Systems)

In the February newsletter they announced the celebrity judge for their "Passion for Fashion" contest is the 2006 winner of Project Runway Season II, Chloe Dao. They are even offering an opportunity to meet Chloe, if you register.

I can say that I don't watch too much of the "Project Runway" shows, but I have caught a few. Like, I remember the controversy over the rumored "not sewing his own work" guy. But, I have watched "Bold & the Beautiful" & I don't think they've ever had Eric or Ridge sitting at the sewing machine... So I wasn't pulled in by the "scandal". I do admire their creative talents collectively. Designing original fashions can't be easy, especially with some of the challenges they are given. Didn't they have a bubble wrap challenge? Like I said I don't watch!!!

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