Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday #5

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My Tackle doesn't even feel like a tackle this week! We went out side & began the L-O-N-G clean up from the mess of winter. We have only lived in our house for 3 years (4 in July) & we didn't have the $ to finance all the projects that need to be done (yet) so we do a little at a time.

Our house was built in 1867 so it is celebrating its 140th birthday this year! So it has all the old home quirks & charm & problems!!!

Yesterday was start clearing the side porch so we can use it day, it's amazing how much stuff piles in the cold months on a covered porch. Plus a corner is dedicated to ice cream shop stuff that I need to weed through & see what's salvageable for resale & what just needs to get tossed.

So that is my tackle...finally beginning spring cleaning, yipppeee!!!

4 Fantastic people left feedback!:

Mona said...

YAY! We are hoping to tackle the outside world today as well! WIth 5 little helpers it should get done in no time!


Celeste said...

Outside is a good place to tackle on nice days!

devildogwife said...

I'm happily tackling outside jobs with this beautiful weather that we're currently having.

Monkey Giggles said...

ME TO!!!!