Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday! #4

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This may seem like a strange tackle to most, however it was nagging me, due to our current former & current tenant situation. They continually complained about the strom door not latching. So finally yesterday it was nice enough to venture out & take a look. Well I can tell you that it looked like someone had ripped the door frame off & then reattached it BADLY. ~I painted the door trim in 2005 so paint was newish & could tell it had been moved form where it was when I painted~ So the door now latches & I have more pics to take to court with me.

This is the window that was cracked by the former tenants junk being pushed into it (her ex dropped off an organ one day & left it on the porch, well needless to say I wasn't letting them put it upstairs, so it sat on the porch until they removed it this weekend):

And this is the porch railing that was fine in January, last time we shoveled off the steps & now is falling apart (after the former tenant moved her stuff out).

That isn't all I did this weekend, but today I am tackling my house! You can tell that I haven't been focusing on housework, eeek!

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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Good for you for getting to this all! My parents had rental houses when I was growing up. My mom did all the painting, upkeep etc. She worked soooo hard. It is a ton of work. Good for you!

You have an ice cream shop?!?! YUM!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Great job! Glad you have photos to back you up !!


Beckaboo said...

Lots of work! WAY TO GO!! Great tackle!

Karen said...

We have a couple of rental houses. It's always a wonder what the place looks like when tenants move out, isn't it? Good job with your tackle!

Celeste said...

Pictures always helps. Great job

Jen and family said...

good job
shame u had bad tenants
I have the problem with my landlord
he wont do anything
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Jennifer said...

Wow - what a job that must be. Way to tackle!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had such rotten tenants! My parents had a rental home and had some problems, too. UGH!

Good tackle, though! =)