Monday, March 26, 2007

Easter stuff & a SEWING project!!!

I am starting to think about the upcoming holiday (I feel like I am just a tad behind!) We did bring the decorations up from the basement & I definitely don't need eater grass! That seems to be all I have an abundance of. I also have a couple towels I made toppers for (so they hang like the crocheted ones do.) I was looking for something the kids could do & ended up finding "Marthas" crafts for me!

Chick & HEN Table Decor

Rabbit Template
Bunny Napkin Fold

On a sewing note I started my next project for the Princess. So far I have cut 5" off the bottom of the legs & slit the sides (just about to the crotch) & trimmed out the seam. I decided on a springy green print. I am going to wedge the print in to give the pants a gaucho feel & create ruffles for the cuffs. I hope it comes out cute! I also have a pair of jeans the Prince wore out at the knees. I cut off the worn parts & I left them as shorts. I think I will be turning them into a skirt, maybe a 2 layer bubble... who knows!
And since I have put my dorkiness on full display in the last few days... How about last night Battle Star Gallactica??? I actually said what the Frack!!!! Between BSG & LOST, my head is going to spin around & then explode!

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

Okay - I m grooving on your music just a little TOO much today!!

I can't wait to see the finished Princess project :-) Hannah walked into the kitchen this morning sporting a pair of jeans that are now way too short and asked me in a rather plaintive way, "So when are you gonna make this into a skirt?" Time to get crackin' on some clothes!